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Jitai’s Quality Control Methodology

From the onboarding of raw materials to the moment our products arrive in the hands of our clients, Jitai employs an overlapping system of quality assurance and quality control methodologies that ensures our products meet the exacting standards of the hermetic package industry.

Onboarding of Raw Materials

Inspection of Raw Materials

Quality assurance begins before raw materials are even warehoused. At the acceptance sampling method stage, materials are randomly selected for quality inspection (after which a determination is made about whether to onboard the shipment), if such a decision is made the entire shipment is then cleaned, a full inspection is performed, minor imperfections are buffed and polished, and stock is then warehoused.

Assembly and Brazing

Complete Visual Inspection and First Hermeticity Test

Following the initial assembly and brazing stages, each product undergoes an individual visual inspection followed by a preliminary hermeticity test.


Sampling inspection

Coating bonding degree inspection.

Finished product inspection

Full product inspection which includes scrutiny of appearance, construction, plating thickness, and a second helium tracer gas hermeticity test.

Factory Inspection

Pin fatigue test, salt spray corrosion resistance test and climate simulation equipment that tests product performance

Packaging and Transportation

All products are individually vacuum-packed with a deoxidizing desiccant insert, then wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap. These efforts guarantee that every Jitai product delivered to you is of the same high quality as when it left the factory.