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Main products include metal package for hybrid integrated circuits, opto-electronic components, microwave components, wave filter components, sensor components and high-power devices. The products are applicable in such areas as aviation, aerospace, electronics and communication devices for military and commerciality. Company has undertaken the ministerial level scientific research projects, and recognized by users.



Part One:
The categories of metal package materials
Our company are able to fabricate all kinds of metal deep drawn parts,cnc milling machinery bodies,according to its characteristics fabricating packages adopts substrates materials as follows:

Series no. material coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/℃ coefficient of thermal conductivity characteristics
1 kovar alloy(4J29) 5.1~5.5(20~450℃) 19.26 under range from20 to 450 there are coefficients of thermal expansion near to glass
2 FeNi alloy(4J42) 9.22(roon temperature~600℃) 14.65 due to it doesnot contain Co so it is cheap and widely used
3 cold roll steel(CRS1010) 11.76~14.2(room temperature~500℃) 75 one type low carbon superior steel with high cold deformation plasticity while mechanical stress is not high suitable for deep drawn and complex stretching parts.

Part two:

main method of package process

Our main methods of fabricating packages are cold stamping and milling.

cold stamping
cold stamping uses stamp die to pressure the material in the punching machine in normal temperature,make it separate or deformation,to get parts with extent shape,dimension and property .It is one of pressure process methods and one of advanced machinery methods.In the cold stamp process,cold stamp die is the technical equipment of stamping process.If there isnot advanced cold stamp die,the advanced stamp technology cannot be achieved.

Metal Package Parts
Metal Package Parts 1

1.The categories of cold stamp
Due to the shape,dimension,precision and batch size,properties of raw material are different in parts processed by cold stamping. General speaking,the stamping methods are various,but it can be divided into separation procedure and deformation procedure.The separation procedure is make the stamp parts or as-cast mutual separation along the extent outline;The deformation procedure is make the as-cast plastic deformed on the condition that materials arenot damaged and form the parts with the needed shape and dimensions.
2.Five basic procedure in cold stamp
Blanking stamp procedure of making the panel materials get separation
Bending stamp procedure of making the metal material bend towards curve into extent angels or shapes.
Deep drawn stamp procedure of making the panel materials into all kinds of hollow parts with opening or making dimensions of hollow parts further altered
Formation stamp procedure of selective deformation changing the as-cast or stamp parts shape by different properties
Three-dimensional suppress(volume stamp)stamp procedure of ranking the metal materials once again
3.Comparison with other process methods cold stamp has the characteristics as follows:
①Cold stamp can get workpieces with complex shapes which cannot be fabricate by other process methods such as thin-shell parts etc.The precision of cold stamp parts is guaranteed by modes,thus dimension stability,swap performance
②High efficiency of material,low weight of workpiece,good stress,low energy dissipation during stamp process.Thus the cost of workpiece is lower.
③easy to operate,low labor intensity,easy to achieve mechanically and automatically with high production efficiency.
④mode structures used in stamp process are usually complex,production period are longer,cost are higher.thus,it has limitation in single piece,small quantity production.Stamp technology mainly used in bulk and mass production.The simple stamp die,group die,zinc base alloy have been developed make condition for single piece and small quantity production.
Milling machining series
Milling machining is one of the common cutting machining methods.So called milling machining it is cutting machining method according to milling cutter rotated as its main motion,workpiece or milling cutter used as feed motion.The motion of milling or cutting can be straight motion or curve motion,thus the area of milling and cutting process is very wide,the production efficiency and process precision is a bit high.


1.The characteristics of milling machine
①CNC milling machine suits all kinds of cabinet series and panel parts processing.Apart from basic components,its mechanical structure includes main transmission system;feed transmission system; achieve workpiece rotation,positional fixture and attachment;achieve special motion and auxiliary function system and fixture,such as hydraulic pressure,air-operated,lubrication,cooling and etc systems and exhausting,shielding and etc fixtures:special function fixture,such as cutter broken monitoring,precision checking and monitor system to achieve automatically control function and all kinds feedback signals fixtures and components.
2.Machining center
①Machining center increases automatic exchanging cutter fixture based on cnc boring mill, cnc milling machine or cnc milling lathe,make the workpiece can drill holes,widen holes ,twist holes ,bore holes, tapping,milling and cutting etc processing on its surface continuously and automatically,procedure highly centralized.
②Machining center usually with rotation working station or principal axis cabinet can rotate extent angel,automatically finish muti or several angels positions several procedures of processing.
③Machining center can automatically change the speed of principal axis ,feed volume, and motion trails of relative workpiece and other auxiliary function.
④if the achining center with exchanging station or muti function position,one workpiece conduct processing in working station meanwhile another workpiece can proceed unassembling in handling table without impacting normal processing work,high efficiency.
Part Three normal flow chart of package processing
Laying-off material:Use wire cutting machine or steel plate shearer process the larger raw material into proper embryo or smaller material stripes.
Blanking:process the material stripes into proper embryo
Stretching,mending:stamp the panel material into shape
Drilling holes:use stamp method to form holes
Mending edges:process the stretched package or lid to fixed height in the drawing
Pressing edges:process the steps of lid for flat bottom series package
Cutting edges:remove extra material usually the following procedure of pressing edge
Spotting holes:spot the position of holes needed to process,make preparation of punching holes
Punching holes: cut the hole into round shapes on the workpiece by the drill.
Widening holes:widen the exist holes on the workpiece
Through holes:remove foreign matter in the holes by suitable drill going through
Tapping:process the special screw in the holes per the drawings.
Shoveling the burr,remove the burr:remove the large burrs.
Sanding: put the workpiece into sanding machine,remove spots by friction between steel balls surface finishing.
Barrel polishing:remove burrs on the pins
Grinding all around,grinding mouth:remove the dents,scratches etc defects on the outside of package and sealing
Cleaning and drying:remove attached oil spots on the package during processing.
Workpiece check:check and remove failed machined parts.




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