Jitai's recent investment in a COXEM EM-30AX PLUS has revolutionized its ability to ensure quality control is the central component of its push to gain a larger market share.
COXEM's high-precision SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) is a tool designed to observe infinitesimally small parts of sample material. It can obtain in-depth and in focus images at extremely high levels of magnification (up to 150,000x). One of the COXEM EM-30AX PLUS's many benefits is that it uses an electron beam with a short wavelength. This is particularly effective in achieving a high resolution by adjusting accelerating voltage, working distance, and electron beam's size.
The EM-30AX PLUS is an update from the EM30PLus which allows for advanced morphological analyses. The main advantage of the updated version is that it permits the installation of miniaturized microanalysis directly inside the device. This gives Jitai the ability to analyze materials both on a morphological and compositional basis. The EDS detector makes it possible to pinpoint a problematic spot or map the entirety of the chemical elements present in the sample. The EM-30AX Plus is capable of 5nm resolution, guaranteeing that quality can be microanalyzed and therefore assured even at the nano-level. Its abundant operating voltage spans between 1 and 30kV. As such it is widely applicable in the fields of nanotechnology, metals characterization, and alloys, and will contribute greatly to Jitai's relentless pursuit of seamless production capabilities.

Post time: Aug-09-2021