Process of Lid

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Main products include metal package for hybrid integrated circuits, opto-electronic components, microwave components, wave filter components, sensor components and high-power devices. The products are applicable in such areas as aviation, aerospace, electronics and communication devices for military and commerciality. Company has undertaken the ministerial level scientific research projects, and recognized by users.



Part One:Introduction Of Lid Material
The materials of lid usually are 4J29 and 4J42.
Part Two:Function of Stepped lid
The stepped lid refers that there are one step around the four sides of lid which
thickness usually is 0.13,comparing with flat lid ,it is more convenient for header to fix in and position,meanwhile guarantee the strength of lid.The lid commonly used by us is stepped lid.
Part Three:Method of Etching
Lid usually adopts chemical etching process.which suits processing thinner lid and the fabrication method is same as etching of pin,the lid after process is step shape suiting For parallel sealing welding.It is the mostly used method for fabricating lid in the current. Before the appearance of chemical etching,thin lid mainly adopts coining and wire cutting method to process.Coining process suits bulk production which disadvantage Is in burrs after removing can be used for electroplating.Wire cutting process makes rough edges,low supply just apply to small quantity for testing purpose. For metal package with larger volume,its lid has very large area either ,easy to distort, so some extent thickness should be needed to guarantee not distort. With large area the lid is designed into step shape,so the above methods cannot be applied in fabricating lid with this thickness. With the thickness over 0.4mm the lid should not adopt chemical etching,while coining and wire cutting cannot process steps,so this kind lid only can be mechanically processed. Use the mask with same shape as product to protect metal substrate,then use the corrosive liquid to etch away needless parts getting the designed products.Etching stepped lid usually through the following technology flow:Throw material→Clean process of panel→printing→exposure→develop→etching→retreat membrane.

Process of Lid2
Process of Lid

The characteristic of etching stepped lid:
1.The geometry dimension,form and location tolerance is easily to guarantee and the process
precision should be achieved by resolution of mask.
2.The consistency of product is good and pass rate is high.
3.It suits small quantity and low cost.



Art Four:Common question and control

source of question description of question root reason precaution measurements
Cutting material there are burrs around the edges of raw materials separate cut of knife is not sharp First article inspection
Cutting materials wrong dimension of cutting of material wrong input of dimension input dimensions of materials according to work order and retest the cut material
Printing uneven up and down of printing roller the burrs of material causes scratch of printing roller measurement accroding to technical property.
Printing there are white spots on the panel the ink is a bit thin operate according to comparison table of technical properties
Exposure there are dirty film white spot during exposure process series is too low confirm the series of first article
Exposure pull wire wrongly for products not distinguish front and reverse sides half etch for the front side
  Exposure the wrong model not check the model of product in the work order carefully check the model name design person design date one by one and mutual check between operators
Develop not clear product graph series of exposure is too high retouching the revision after develop
Etching the speed of etching is too quick the concentration of etching liquid changing issue set technical property




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