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Main products include metal package for hybrid integrated circuits, opto-electronic components, microwave components, wave filter components, sensor components and high-power devices. The products are applicable in such areas as aviation, aerospace, electronics and communication devices for military and commerciality. Company has undertaken the ministerial level scientific research projects, and recognized by users.



It is made by maching center or CNC milling machinery,there is no need for shaped mode for former production.With flexible design,short period of developing,leads adopt low resistance materials various leading methods.It is mostly used in thick and thin flim hybrid integrated circuits.
This kind housing is the main assembly type for power Hybrid Integrated Circuit,the basis material is cold rolled steel or oxgyen free copper of good thermal conductive material which dissipate the heat produced by inner circuit to outside rapidly in case invalidity caused by heat accumulation.Leads usually adopt low resistance copper cored 4J50 alloy,suitable for need of transmission of high current.The leads usually rank double in line and the quantity is less(usually 6~20 pieces)the shape of housing is larger and has the assembly structure with flange, it commonly adopts selective plating Au for leads.
Main character
*Housing adopts material of CRS1010,it has good heat dissipation.
*Leads adopt low resistance copper cored alloy material amd good capacity for current.
*Cap sealing method adopts reliable parallel sealing welding technology.
*The postion of ground pin should be determined by customer.
*Lid is designed fiited per the dimension of housing appearance.
*Customers choose housing fully plating Au or leads selective plating Au according to their needs.
*All indexes meet requirement of GJB548B

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The Power Housing23

Second Part:The design principle for power housing
The shape mode of the power housing adopts maching center or CNC milling machinery.There is no need of former shaped mode input,flexible design short period of developing.\
1.The selection of materials for housing
The power housing commonly uses cold rolled steel with good heat dissipation.
2.The selection of dimension for housing structure
①Sealing thickness of housing
The basic hermeticity of technical needs is ≤ 1*10-3Pa.cm3/s for products of metal package so that the factor affected hermeticity the thickness of housing should be paid attention in design.Based on long time experience in sintering,to guarantee the hermeticity of product,the sealing thickness for power housing(cold rolled steel material) should be controlled ≥1.5mm while the limitation of technique for fabricating glass insulators its thickness should not be too thick,usually less than 2mm.In addition to consider hermeticity requirement,the housing easily gets deformation in sintering procedure of high temperature,the design of wall thickness for housing should not be too small.
②The hole diameter of glass insulator in the housing
The common design for power housing is cold rolled steel、Iron sealing glass、4J50 leads consisting comperssion sealing structure.The rate of coefficient thermal expansion is 12:9:9,this kind structure mainly depends on the width between glasss holes and the material thickness of cold rolled steel to ensure hermeticity of housing,so the width of material should meet the requirement.




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